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BRC Endspurt Meisterschaft 20/21: Stage 4/6 – Durch die sozialistischen Ferienträume: Dubrow – Pätzer Hintersee / Through the Socialist Holiday Dreams: Dubrow – Pätzer Hintersee

Strava Activity
Distance to Starting Point in km48.3
BRC Route distance in km48.0
Distance home in km47.0
Amount of newly ridden kms from wandrer.earth89.8
Blood glucose values throughout the BRC route

Another springtime day of sun and high temperatures (around 21 °C) was an opportunity to complete another epic BRC Endspurt Meisterschaft route. I opted for the route starting in Königs Wusterhausen which is the route furthest away from my home in Charlottenburg. With such ideal conditions, I was sure it was going to be a great day in saddle!

In preparation for the long day of cycling ahead, I reduced my basal and breakfast bolus insulin before heading off in shorts and short sleeves. It’s so nice not taking 30 minutes to put on all the layers required for cycling in cold weather. Knowing that it would take me a bit under 50 km to get to the start point, I took it nice and easy enjoying the time in Berlin and then some great bike paths in Brandenburg towards Königs Wusterhausen.

Very impressive design on this building in Neukölln

Once I reached the starting point, I took a nice break in the shade to eat a tasty homemade flapjack and prepare for the timed route ahead. My blood glucose was a little high but I decided against injecting any bolus insulin for the flapjack as I anticipated that the imminent strenuous effort would balance out the increase in blood glucose from the flapjack. 

Although this BRC route was the shortest of the six routes, I was expecting this route to be one of the toughest. My research beforehand warned me of plenty of roots and some sandy stretches too. Boy oh boy was this the case! 

The route immediately started through a bumpy forest path through lovely pine trees. I eventually made it to the top of the Weinberg (Wine Mountain) and headed towards the Dolgensee (Dolgen Lake). I couldn’t see this lake without taking a detour so I pressed on knowing that other lakes were not far.

Schmöldesee / Schmölde Lake

The route led me down a very technical trail next to the Schmöldesee (Schmölde Lake). This was a gorgeous day to see the lovely lakes in Brandenburg and I tried to enjoy the view as much as I could. It was pretty difficult avoiding roots, carrying Flash over fallen trees while taking in the lakeside view!

After finally getting to relatively smoother paths, the next challenge was the sandy paths leading up the Sauberg (Sow Mountain). Sau, German for a female pig, is commonly used to stress how difficult something is, so I imagine that this steep and sandy hill was named as Sauberg precisely because of how difficult it is to get up. Das war ein Sauberg! 

Pätzer Hintersee / Pätz Rear Lake

I was just about halfway through this route and my back was really aching from being thrown about by all the roots. So another technical lakeside trail along the Pätzer Hintersee (Pätz Rear Lake) was not welcome. Once again it was tough going and I was jealous of the people enjoying the sun by the lake while I was grunting my way along the trail!

The bumping about was getting on my nerves as there was hardly any respite to stretch out my back. It was also pretty difficult to check my blood glucose levels on my phone while cycling. Once I did, I realised that my blood glucose was above the range I would have liked to be in for cycling. Despite this, I decided the next I had to stop I would take on a gel for a sugar boost that might improve my mood – similar to the first Stage of this league.

Hidden dangers in the sand!

The stop came about in a way that I was not expecting. While navigating a sandy path, a hidden stick lodged into my rear derailleur. Deja vú from the aborted Stage 2! This time though, I immediately unclipped and braked so that I could safely take out the stick. I had the planned gel and was thankful that I could actually finish the Stage with a working bike!

I headed back to the pine forests of the start, mainly through – you guessed it – rooty paths. Whenever there were short stretches of paved roads, I took the opportunity to stretch out my back. I was incredibly happy to reach the finish and have a breather. After catching my breath and some roadside stretching, I cycled towards the train station of Königs Wusterhausen for a proper break.

Bahnhof Königs Wusterhausen / Königs Wusterhausen Train Station

I bought a coffee and some water before flomping in the shade away from people. I ate an energy bar and injected 1 unit of bolus insulin since my blood glucose was still too high for my liking. Once I felt ready to get back on the bike, I cycled the 47 km back home. Along the way, I passed by the Funkerberg (Radio Operator Mountain) which was where the first radio programme was broadcast in 1920.

Funkerberg / Radio Operator Mountain

The way back was mainly into a headwind and that extra effort meant the insulin I injected at Königs Wusterhausen kicked in a bit too much so I had to take on two gels to get back home safely. Although this was definitely the toughest BRC route so far, I’m pretty happy that I managed to complete it. I certainly had a fantastic day with perfect cycling weather, lovely lakes and green forests. I do hope the next route will not be so physically and mentally draining though.

The % distance I cycled in each district

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