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BRC Endspurt Meisterschaft 20/21: Aborted Stage 2/6 – Dem Gamengrund auf den Grund gehen / Getting to the bottom of the Gamengrund

Strava Activity
Distance to Starting Point in km26.8
Completed BRC Route distance in km30.8
Amount of newly ridden kms from wandrer.earth38.7
Blood glucose values throughout the BRC route

A fine day in March meant I could (try to) tackle another route of the BRC league. I decided on the second longest route that started at Ahrensfelde, a town on the north east border of Berlin. While it was sunny it was certainly cooler (maximum of 10 °C) than my last BRC route so I couldn’t further work on my tan 😉 . What I didn’t expect though was how much I would have to walk my bike!

I cycled the 26 km to the start point and by the time I approached Ahrensfelde, my CGM alerted me that my blood glucose was a little low for cycling. This was perfect timing as I planned a food stop at the starting point before starting the timed route itself. 

Having a short food break before starting the BRC route

The route used off-road farm tracks that passed through the large sections of fields in this area. This meant that they were quite wide but full of potholes – I swerved about to avoid hitting them. I soon reached the lovely lake-side views of the Haussee (House Lake) of Löhme before getting to Werneuchen. Here there was a fantastic bike path behind the Werneuchen Airfield. 

Once out of the town of Hirschfelde (Deer Field), a sandy forest path turned into cobbles and then just as I reached the deeper forest section disaster struck! A stick from the trail wedged into my rear derailleur and ripped it clean off. A classic way of ending an off-road ride and no chance of repairing it in the forest. I decided to walk back to Werneuchen and take the train home. 

The Trail of Doom that foiled my attempt at Route #2

The walk to Werneuchen was mainly at the edge of a field that the Bundesstraße 158 passes by. This was pretty uneven and the next day I woke up with muscle pain in muscles that I don’t normally use while cycling and only in my right leg. I was hobbling around very funnily 😀 . 

The nearly 7 km hike with a bike took almost as long as I cycled the route until my derailleur broke! But I made it in good time to catch the next train to Berlin. Thankfully I had a mask with me so I felt a bit safe on the trains. This was actually the first time I was on a train for about a year. The vast majority of people were wearing masks but on two trains, there was a man each who was not wearing a mask at all. I was not happy about that but at least in the days after, I felt good and my blood glucose was behaving normally (if it was too high for unexplained reasons it would be a sign of illness).

Tim inspecting the new rear derailleur

I made it home safely and the next day hobbled with Flash to the bike shop to fix it up. The bike shop did a great job and it was even ready the next day! But only because the mechanic procured the rear derailleur from a friend of his – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get bike parts with the pandemic hitting the supply chain.

The % distance I cycled in each district

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